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Applying for or renewing your firearms or shotgun licence? MedCert provides a fast and efficient medical records check and report for police, without the need to utilise your GP.

There is a flat fee of £50 for individuals regardless of whether it is a renewal or initial application, and regardless of whether you require a shotgun licence, firearms licence or both. If you would like to use our service, please follow the steps below, or contact us for more details. If you are dealing with licensing on behalf of a business, please contact us in the first instance.

We will soon be introducing a new and improved website. If in the meantime you experience any problems using our form and / or clicking through to payment, or would like to deal directly with an administrator, please email with the subject line ‘get started’.

How It Works

Fill out your details in the form below and tick the box to confirm that you permit us to contact your GP on your behalf. 




Click through to pay. We use PayPal to process all debit card, credit card and PayPal payments. 




Your GP sends your medical records to us via secure electronic transfer or recorded post, within a month of receiving the request. Once with MedCert, your records will only ever be seen by a medical professional. 



On receipt of your records, one of our doctors reviews them and creates a report that addresses the licensing criteria. 




This report is sent to your firearms licensing authority, your GP and – if you request a copy – you. The report is sent within a maximum of seven working days from the date on which MedCert receives your records.  



As licence holders ourselves we appreciate that the application / renewal process can sometimes throw up unexpected niggles, and that every licensing authority is different. If you have any questions, would prefer a different payment method or to obtain your records by another means prior to using our service,  please get in touch.

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